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While this number is hardly a majority, the sperm were still actively mobile and thus could lead to a pregnancy. Are you a young man, or someone who identifies with any kind of masculinities? Concluding Remarks There are many misconceptions about pre-ejaculatory fluid. Some men produce very little pre-ejaculate, while others can produce around a teaspoon, certainly enough to make your underwear feel wet. Sperm content of pre-ejaculatory fluid. It is a common misconception that this fluid is semen that has leaked out before the main ejaculation. You cannot control the amount of pre-cum, but you take comfort in the fact that all men secrete pre-ejaculate and that your body is doing its job well.

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Semen, or seminal fluid, is secreted by the gonads and other sexual organs, and its main job is to fertilize eggs. Dear Alice, My boyfriend doesn't "pre-cum. You can definitely get pregnant even if the guy pulls out before he comes. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid to call it by it's correct name is a clear fluid that appears on the tip of the penis when a man has an erection and is sufficiently sexually excited. Category: Men's Health.

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Pre-ejaculate, sometimes called precum, is a clear fluid that is released when a man becomes sexually aroused, but before he ejaculates. Can I get pregnant if I have sex without penetration? For example, the two of you might experiment this way: See how close you can sit to each other before you get an erection. Some studies suggest that there is no sperm in pre-cum, contrary to other research which has stated otherwise. Read the answers to more questions about pregnancy. If a guy touches his penis and gets sperm on his fingers then touches your vagina it can cause a pregnancy. Even in cases where sperm does end up in precum, the risk of pregnancy from this does still tend to be low.
If your goal is to be able to focus on your girlfriend and your own physical pleasures while also controlling ejaculation, then distracting your mind takes you further away from that goal rather than toward it. Submit a new response. More information about text formats. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. More info about withdrawal can be found here: Link. If you have further questions about pre-cum, sex, health, or relations, please reach out using our Ask the Sexperts feature. However as the anal opening is very close to the vagina it is possible for sperm from the anus to get into the vagina and cause a pregnancy.
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