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We welcome your feedback. Cons : While the handle is easy to hold, you do need to angle your fingers just right for the best control. Some women have really sensitive armpit skin; some women experience severe discoloration from shaving; some women simply don't want to. So is there even a good way to shave—or should you just splurge on a wax? In summer , the brand released a similar ad with intimate close-up shots of women shaving away their visible leg and armpit hair with Billie's adorably minimalist razors. Especially now that high-waisted swimsuits are the default for women, wedgies at the beach are running more amok than ever. You can invest in a bikini trimmer, electric shaver or use a pair of scissors to trim the hair around your bikini line.

Treating Bikini Area Razor Bumps

The best razors for women

The best epilator for facial hair are of the cheapest price. Ingrown hairs occur when either shaved or tweezed hairs grow back into the skin, causing inflammation, according to the Mayo Clinic. How to Shave Your Bikini Line. Jun 26, PM BeautyNews. Soak your bikini line in warm water by taking a bath or shower for at least five minutes. Depending on how often you shave and the sensitivity of your skin, that could be anywhere from three to 10 uses. Some women have really sensitive armpit skin; some women experience severe discoloration from shaving; some women simply don't want to.

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These are disposable razors, so you'll have to toss the entire shaver when the blades start to dull. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Step 3 Hydrate your skin. It immediately went viral for being one of the first ads to show women's body hair in that context. The new American study found that complications were twice as likely for overweight or obese women, and three times more likely if they removed all their pubic hair.
The short flick then cuts into different beach scene snaps, where girls are uncrossing their legs while sitting in beach chairs, lounging on boards with hairy armpits, and coming out of the pool with wet and hairy bikini lines. They have armpit hair they're not afraid to hide! Whether you prefer a subscription-based razor so you'll always have one on hand or need a specially-designed trimmer for your bikini line, these are the razors that do the best job. This is the only razor that never seems to nick or irritate my legs, and it does give a reasonably close shave. There are several ways to achieve smooth legs, hair-free underarms, and a groomed bikini line, but the fastest, easiest, and least painful is generally by shaving.
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