Striped snake pictures

Crossbands may be obscured as the snake darkens with age, and some individuals appear uniformly dark. Great Plains Rat Snake. My daughter walked on the dock and didn't see the snake until she was quite close. I again want to thank you for your help and appreciate it. In young snakes the yellow spots may be limited to the sides and to
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Snake Pictures

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Identify: Snakes of Iowa

Pale gray or tan above with three broad, dark brown or black longitudinal stripes and a dark band through the eye; underside dark reddish brown with a central row of pale spots. Click on a picture for a larger view. Brown or gray above, with two rows of black dots or two or four thin dark lines from head to tail; underside usually red or orange, rarely yellow or dull white; pale spots present on Farancia erytrogramma. Series of wide black and red rings, separated by narrow yellow rings, encircling the body; snout black and rear of head yellow; scales smooth and in 15 rows. Yes, that is the snake I saw. Bullsnakes are sometimes mistaken for rattlesnakes, but they're nonvenomous.
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Texas Snake Pictures

Banded watersnakes can be found in nearly all freshwater habitats, including ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, swamps, and marshes. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake - Crotalus atrox. Brown tree snakes have destroyed Guam's native bird population and often cause power outages by climbing on electrical wires. Most of Louisiana's snakes are harmless, and many are beneficial as predators of insects and rodents, as a source of income for reptile collectors, and as a necessary component of the food chain or "balance of nature. Desert Massasauga - Sistrurus catenatus edwardsii.
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If that fails, they roll over on their backs and play dead. Coachwhip Racer Common in the desert and southern California coastal region. Live and Let Live All photos are taken by myself unless noted otherwise. Our most common one, the northern watersnake , lives along rivers, streams and suburban ponds across Virginia. Bullsnakes are sometimes mistaken for rattlesnakes, but they're nonvenomous. Most will flatten the head, an act that often gets them confused for a venomous snake, and strike. Some snakes, particularly small ones, will feed almost daily, while large snakes may feed only once every week or two.
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